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Photo Request Form

Park Seed Company has accumulated a phenomenal repository of photographs and digital images over the decades. The visual impact of these photos can add a terrific punch to your news stories and feature items.

We are delighted to open our library to serious garden journalists. All we ask is that you abide by our photo lending policy. Also, to help us serve you better, please give us at least a week's lead-time to find and prepare the items you need. Finally, we've provided an online photo request form to make it easy for you to describe for us the perfect picture for your project.

** Requestor Name:

** Contact Name:

** Company/Publication Name:

Company/Publication Address:

** Street Address:

** City:

** State:

** Zip Code:

Contact Info:

** Telephone:


** Email for Message:

Email for Images (if different):

** Date Needed (dd/mm/yyyy):

** Image Description:

Please include as much of the following as possible:

  • Plant name(s): Common and Scientific
  • Park or Wayside Item Number(s)
  • Image Resolution/Format Requirement
  • Image Size
  • Catalog (e.g. Park Spring 2006)
  • Website where Image Appeared

Please enter the characters below exactly as they are shown. (Case-sensitive)


Park Seed Company Photo Lending Policy

Your use of images belonging to Park Seed signifies your agreement to the following terms:

  • The image(s) is loaned for one time use, and is not to be used again without the express consent of Park Seed Company.
  • A photo credit is required to protect our copyright. Please use “” as the photo credit.

In exchange for using our image(s) free of charge, list Park Seed Company as a source for the product image(s) used in the article. Please use the following source credit:

Park Seed Company
1 Parkton Avenue
Greenwood, SC 29647-0001

Please send a checking copy of the article to the address below:
Holly Glenn
Park Seed Company
1 Parkton Avenue
Greenwood, SC 29647-0001

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